College and Career Awareness


College and Career Awareness:

Our program is designed to help each student realize their individual uniqueness and understand they were born on PURPOSE, with PURPOSE and for a PURPOSE. Our program provides tools and information to encourage each student to personalize their education to keep them engaged and in school. It is extremely important to discover what interest the individual student, then provide resources to investigate and prepare them for the appropriate roadmap to get to their destination.

We discuss in detail the importance of College and Career Readiness by discussing Higher Education – College, Trade Schools, Certification Programs and Entrepreneurship. Students examine various careers and the educational requirements, they evaluate the different educational opportunities after high school, we discuss academic choices, the importance of extracurricular activities in school and outside of school that will enhance their college application. In addition, it allows them to gain and build References, we cover the opportunity and importance of Internships and Volunteerism, we research the cost of education, explore the different types of financial aid and educational assistance and they are HIGHLY encouraged to envision and create their own PURPOSEFUL roadmap to success.

Please note: Career Development is an academic requirement under TEA Curriculums; 19 TAC Chapter 127 – Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Career Development. If your school does not provide college and career awareness, we would be honored to provide our program to your Middle School and High School students. The Texas Education Agency, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Workforce Commission are working together closely to boost college and career readiness

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